augusti 20, 2019
Välkommen till Svenska Mattcurlingförbundet - Swedish Carpet Curling Federation

Carpet Curling

Unicurl Carpet Curling is a game for everyone, young or old, with or without disabilities. The game is easy to learn and does not require any particular skills or force from the players and is therefore perfect for the elderly generation. This game is also very well suited for people with disabilities, even persons in wheel-chairs can play.

It’s a fun game where everyone can play and it’s easy to mix teams up.

So how does it work with Carpet Curling? This is an indoor game. You need a flat surface to roll out the mat. The curling stones glides on a specially developed carpet and you don’t need to sweep or do anything but “throw” the curling stone. We have different types of products that can suite everyone’s need.

Carpet Curling is a fun activity that was created in Sweden.

Carpet Curling is played in these countries:

Carpet Curling Worldwide

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